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        Why should you book a professional photographer for couple photos? There are many good reasons to take professional photographs and celebrate your love

        Why hire a professional for couples photos? We all have smartphones and we probably take so many selfies we don’t even know where to store them. Professional couples photographs are something you might have never considered, so here’s some reasons why I think you should do it, at least once in your lifetime.

        1- You don’t want to get married, so you’ll never have wedding photos

        Hey, not everyone wants to get married! If you don’t want to get married (and there is a lot of people who really don’t want to, for so many different reasons) you might never find the right occasion to take professional photographs with your partner. So when you are planning your next trip together, maybe you want to see Venice, Sicily, Bali or Japan, and you are going to see amazing new places, think about investing in amazing memories with your partner too. It’s what I call the Travel & Adventure package and it documents your love in beautiful places.

        So many people tell me they are not photogenic and that’s why they don’t have pictures together. This is why professionals are professionals! I can make you look good even if you swear that you are not photogenic. It happens all the time: so many people don’t know how good they look when they are full of love. I’ll give you some basic info on how to become photogenic. Then, my favorite trick to get couples out of their discomfort, is to ask them to concentrate on the partner. See each other like there was nobody else around. Book a session to find out if it works for you too. We can take amazing photos anywhere in the world. And you don’t have to do crazy things: eat a gelato, stroll around Burano or any other historical city in Italy, swim and laugh. Just be yourself.

        Elena and Guglielmo have been together for years but are not married yet: they decided to take professional family portraits to capture this moment in their life, without the need for a special occasion

        2- You want to get married, and you’d like to send save-the-date invites with a photo that really represents you

        A wedding is a great opportunity to share the love. To give an unforgettable party, see all of your friends and your family together in the same place, have fun. Even if you don’t see a lot of these people in your everyday life, you still want them to be a part of your big day. And you want to update them on your life plans, with an amazing picture that really represents who you are.

        Pre Wedding Couples Phoshoot in Venice- a romantic spring sunrise Couples Photographer Couple Photoshoot Romantic Walk in Venice
        Betsy and Jeffrey got engaged but never took professional photos together: they decided to prepare for the wedding pictures with an engagement photoshoot in Venice

        I love it when a couple comes to me looking for inspiration. Maybe you like to hike: we can find an amazing hike and plan sunrise photographs. Maybe you are into architecture and art: we can plan a day in one of the many incredible art galleries Italy offers. Maybe you want to try rowing around the canals of Venice: I can help you with that, and take great photos. However you want to see yourself, I’m here to plan with you. It is really important to be able to put yourselves at the center for once. To take a day off to just be yourselves and enjoy each other’s company.

        3- You want to propose and need help with the planning

        A lot of couples contact me for engagement photos, especially in Venice. Venice is where I live most of the year and where I was born (and here’s my website devoted to Venice only experiences and photography). The majority of them are looking for a photographer, but also need help with planning. They want advice on how to find places and ideas for a marriage proposal. These kind of photo shoots give couples a chance to take pictures of themselves that are spontaneous, candid, that capture them at the time right after they got engaged, smiling, happy, deliriously in love, as opposed to the often rushed pictures taken during the wedding itself.

        I am a naturally introverted person: I could never imagine having a person I don’t know photographing me on such a private occasion. But at the same time, I am surprised over and over by my own emotions when I see someone propose. I get to photograph something they will always remember with love and happiness. This kind of emotion is so universal: nobody can be indifferent to a video like this. That is also why there are so many wedding-themed tv shows. We all love love.

        4- You want to get to know a photographer you are considering for your wedding

        You don’t know how wedding photography works, but you know one day you might need a wedding photographer. That is a great reason to hire a professional photographer and see how it feels to be in front of the camera. It is so important to have a wedding photographer that you trust and whose work you really love.

        Chances are that if you meet me, you are a traveler and an adventurer. I specialize in couple photography and adventures around the world, intimate weddings and elopements for unconventional and unique international couples. So your photoshoot in Venice could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship (as they say in Casablanca). Check out my updated calendar if you want to get inspired and imagine an adventurous elopement.

        5- You don’t know it yet, but couple photography can change your life

        Once I photograph a couple I often keep in touch, through social media or through the occasional message. I see their love growing, changing. Some people split (because that’s just how life is) and some get married. Some have beautiful babies, some move from one country to another.

        A lot of couples I photograph tell me a lot about them and their love story. I am curious and so interested in learning about all the different paths love can take. The questions I ask make them think a lot about their love and their relationship. I found myself happily surprised more than once: some people tell me that the beautiful photos and the experience of focusing on the relationship for a day, made them think. So many people decide to get married! Even if they had told me explicitly: “Oh no, we have been together for 10 years, we don’t believe in marriage”.

        That makes me feel like I have captured with my photos more than just the appearance. What you show to the world, that you want to look nice, and cool and slim and this and that, has no value to me. I feel so completely satisfied when I get to capture your authentic self and the love that connects you as a couple.

        what a fun blog topic! Hit on some reason great points here 🙂

        The idea to create this article was brilliant!!! I couldn’t name better the reasons why to have a couple session.

        Yesssss I LOVE this! Definitely so much truth to all of this, and I’m so happy someone finally wrote an article about it!

        Yes to all of these! Definitely captures those little moments 🙂

        What a a great article, with beautiful images.

        Could be 100 reasons, but those five are really on point!

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